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"Judy's classes were much appreciated by the dancers and myself. They proved extremely useful both in the technical development of the dancers as well as maintaining the Company injury free and in good shape. Judy showed herself to be in command of the method and delivered it with dedication, enthusiasm and authority."

-Cesc Gelabert, Director and Choreographer of Gelabert/Azzopardi Dance Company

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The Pilates method is a system devised by Joseph Pilates, comprising of a repertoire of mat and specialised equipment exercises. There is an intention to harness the power of the mind - in terms of focus and concentration - to coordinate breath and movement together. "It is the mind that builds the body," Joe said.

The Pilates method and its principles of breathing, control, placement and flowing movement can be used and adapted for any situation. What I love about teaching Pilates is the challenge of continually adjusting and re-evaluating the exercises; each time I meet with my clients, it is a new day and the task is to deliver a class that meets the needs of that day.

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Through a series of uniquely crafted sequences, the Gyrotonic method builds strength, coordination and breath control.


The innate grace and poise of the individual is restored through practice and repetition of flowing, spiralling, rhythmic exercises that challenge and develop range of movement.

I find the Gyrotonic method is relevant to every client I work with including those with conditions such as Parkinson's, cerebral palsy, spinal fusion, breast cancer and scoliosis. From young children to seniors, those who are well or those suffering with injuries, the applications are endless.

The method is joyful, dynamic and restorative.

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